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I help Entrepreneurs go from ordinary to Influencer while getting their message out to the world & building an engaged audience through a strategy called the "One-Day Summit Formula".

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Let's Make Some Magic

If your audience loves business growth, list building strategies, success stories, & practical/implementable take aways then we got a lot to talk about!  

  • I strive to always OVER-Deliver.  I want to make you look great to your audience & help them by adding amazing knowledge and content. 

  • My Core Value is Networking.  Spending time with you on your show is not about getting in front of your audience.  For me it's about building a relationship with YOU!

  • I am flexible.  I have great information that can help your audience that I have learned from successes and failures of building several 6 & Multi-Seven Figure businesses. You let me know what serves your audience best & I'll deliver!

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Hi! I'm Dr. Mark T Wade & I help Entrepreneurs Scale Their Influence.

Founder Of Virtual Summits Software

Creator Of The One-Day Summit Formula

Host Of The Virtual Summit Podcast

I started in the Healthcare space with two doctorates and a Brick & Mortar Business In Italy and set out on a mission to help more people which took me into online business.  (My dad was a little nervous at first - you know, going from a Doctor to laptop wannabe). 


Luckily I was able to pull it off and created a Multi-Million dollar business, which still remains an industry leader in that space!   I built two #1 rated podcasts, one called "Virtual Summit Podcast", hosted over 30 Summits, and have helped train hundreds of professionals in more than 50 countries world wide.  (and I make a mean bowl of tortellini). 


 After several years of building the American Posture Institute, I started teaching other healthcare professionals how to create income online in their practices.  Then I started a mastermind called "Puerto Rico Masterminds" (I live there now) ;) and that began to grow featuring influencers such as John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Lewis Howes, & Jeff Walker. 


I also created the "One-Day Summit Formula" which is an Online Entrepreneurs PROVEN FORMULA to quickly grow their list, launch their platform, & make more money (even if they are just getting started).  


Between my success with that and creating  a SAAS company, which features the only software designed specifically for hosting a summit (Virtual Summits Software) I have had a pretty good run.  I've definitely had some failures & "Life Lessons" along the way.  


I've learned from the best and rub shoulders with some of the greats.  Now I get my kicks by giving back to those who are looking to build their influence.   I also host a sold out mastermind (Puerto Rico Masterminds) featuring legends such as John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, Lewis Howes, & Jeff Walker


If this sounds like it may be of interest to you or your audience, then let's chat!!  At the end of the day my favorite thing to do is meet AMAZING, SMART, & INTERESTING PEOPLE.  So let's chat! ;) 


If you liked that then you should check out my full story here:  Who The HECK IS Dr. MARK T WADE?


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Some Of My Friends

Just in case you want to check up on me, & to let you know I didn't just show up out of no where.  (Again it's all about relationships right?)  Let me know how I can help you, or who I can connect you to!

Ryan Deiss

Pat Flynn

Jeff Walker

Andrew Warner

Tai Lopez

Sir Richard Branson

John Lee Dumas

Dave Asprey

Sally Hogshead

Naveen Jain

Dan Martell

Robert Kiyosaki

Chris & Heidi Powell

Lisa Sasevich

Pete Vargas

Gary Vee

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Some Interesting Facts

  • I Love To Travel

    • Has traveled to 40 of the 50 United States.
    • Lived in Italy for 6 Years (including Croatia & Sardinia)
    • Traveled to: The Arctic Circle, most of the Caribbean, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Iraq, Jerusalem, Palestine, Scandinavia, Most of Europe, Africa, & Canada.
  • I Have Hobbies!

    Scuba Diving, Golfing, Snorkeling, Skiing, Traveling, Good Cigars, Sand Volleyball, anything water.  I love taking a daily dip in my pool & enjoy any activity that gets me in or on the water.  

  • I Live In Puerto Rico

    I've lived a lot of places as mentioned above but I currently live in Puerto Rico at an entrepreneurial community with some of the most successful entrpreneurs in all different industries.

  • I'm A Military Veteran 

    I spent 9 years in the Army National Guard.  I was activated full time and sent to fight in the war.  I served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

  • I'm Educated

    • Doctorate In Public Health
    • Doctor Of Chiropractic
    • Certified Postural Neurologist
    • Certified Posture Expert
    • Certified Ergonomist
    • Bachelors Degree:  Chemistry & Biology
  • I Play The Piano

    I took lessons as a kid for almost a decade and still enjoy playing on my keyboard every week.  My favorite piece of music is Beethoven's "Fur Elise".

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