The Single Strategy I Used To

Beat Out 150 Of The World's Top Influencers

This strategy together with my One-Day Summit Formula allowed me to crush a $1.7 Million Dollar Affiliate Launch.

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  • List building Strategy

    Increasing conversions by offering a free One-Day Summit to build your list by offering a solution to an acute problem in a very short amount of time.

  • Premium (Monetization) Strategy

    Generating income by offering a premium One-Day Summit that requires a payment for entry.

  • Affiliate Promotion Strategy

    Positioning a One-Day Summit aligned with the exact problem the affiliate product solves in order to generate qualified & engaged leads that will be interested in purchasing the affiliate product.

  • Membership Priming Strategy

    Increasing know-like-trust, while stimulating interest in a membership program by using a One-Day Summit to touch on each of the pain & success points of the membership program.

  • Program Launch Priming Strategy

    Start increasing anticipation for the end program, using a One-Day Summit to highlight awareness on the overarching problems.

  • Physical Products Selling Strategy

    Generating engaged & qualified buyers who are in need of a physical solution, by using a One-Day Summit to showcase the different solutions the physical product can solve.

  • Live Event Recruitment Strategy

    Showcasing the speaker’s expertise & energy through a One-Day Summit to increase motivation to attend a live event featuring those speakers.

  • Fill Your Mastermind Strategy

    Highlighting the success strategies that are offered in an exclusive mastermind through a One-Day Summit to generate motivation to join the mastermind.

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